Beige and Black


Hi guys!!! Hope every one is doing well and i hope you all had an amazing valentines day?. I am back today with a casual, yet chic outfit which i put together. Its a comfortable look for either school or just a nice day out. I love everything about this outfit. Obsessed much

The shoes are to die for. They are so comfortable and not too high for those who don't like really high heels. The clutch was from my mum's wardrobe. I bet she still doesn't know its gone haha 

Hat - Primark

Top - River Island 

Jeans - Topshop 

Shoes - Bershka

Purse and Shades - Aldo

Coat - Vintage 

Jewellery - H&M

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  1. huge fan of our blog! I want a nose piercing just like yours! too bad my parents won't let me have one. keep up d good work!

    1. Thank you so much! Hahahah my parents didnt let me too till i moved out. Maybe when you start living on your own (FARRR away from them lol) you can get it.

  2. ah hah! I thought as much... Nigerian parents and their issues... I followed your blog, do follow back.


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