Xenniat x Dumebi Clothing collab: Part 1

/ Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hi guys! I'm so sorry to all my blog readers. I've been seriously slacking. I mean the last time I posted was in July. What the heck.. I know I always say I'm back, but honestly blogging is not an easy task. It takes a whole lot of determination and mine tends to get cut off sometimes. 
Oh well. I just moved back home to Nigeria because I'm done with my degree so I have much more free time on my hands and photography volunteers on every corner.. Lolol. This post is about a blooming label called Dumebi clothing (ig - @dumebiclothingng). They are based in Abuja, Nigeria. I have been ask to assist with creative directing for their new lookbook and so I decided to wear some of the clothes I liked for my blog. I love most of it though. It's different and very comfortable. This here is a 2 piece. The large too with the slit back and some orange pants. I paired them with some brogues and a mini bag just to give it a casual look. It also looks really good with heels. Look them up. I'm sure you'll find some things on their page that you'll like. Anyways continue to read the post and see more photos and more details will be posted after. Chao...

              Two piece- Dumebi Clothing 
               Shoes - Topshop
               Purse - New Look

               See you soon, 

                Love, X

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  1. I have been checking all these months, I love the look so casual and laid back and the mix of colors. Way to go Mona!


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